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Mississauga – Real Estate Agents Need to Meet These Guidelines


Buying or selling a home in Mississauga is no easy feat to take on all your own. The first step once you’ve decided on Mississauga is choosing a real estate agent who has the experience and the know-how to help you find what you’re looking for. The GTA real estate market is thriving and very competitive for buyers. Sellers have a unique opportunity to make the market work in their favour and have the potential to drive a high profit. But where to start? Choosing a real estate agent is an investment in time and research resources that will bring nothing but positive returns. Follow these guidelines and ask yourself, and the agent, some tough questions before moving forward.


Search by location - Use the vast information available to you online. Start with to search by location. This will give you a comprehensive listing of real estate agents who have a REALTOR®designation in the Mississauga area. REALTORS®are bound by an ethical commitment and operate within a specific code.


Experience in Mississauga – Real estate agents who live and work in the area know it best. Many real estate agents use the Internet and social media to connect with potential clients in the community. You will want to get a sense of their style and approach to selling homes. The focus should be on exceeding your level of expectations. JN Asensio, for example, is one organization who focuses on community and working hard to ensure the clients feel their needs are met.


Testimonials and Reviews – Talk to your friends and coworkers who live in Mississauga – real estate agents get a lot of "word of mouth” referrals. These trustworthy resources can help you connect to the right partner in your quest to buy or sell property. Also, check out social media and online reviews. Often online reviews are independently written without the real estate agent or office’s influence. If you are able to connect with the online reviewer, reach out to them and ask them questions about their experience.


Question Period – once you have selected your "top three” agents, it’s time to ask them a round of questions that will help you to come to a decision.

  • What’s your experience? Look for a tone of confidence, and answers that indicate a high number of sales in Mississauga – real estate agents who live in the community know it best.
  • How do you plan to market this listing? This question will let sellers know if the agent has a strategic plan for selling your home effectively.
  • How will you communicate? In a time of inter-connectivity, it shouldn’t be hard for a buyer or seller to get a hold of their real estate agent to discuss marketing strategies and potential listings to check out for purchase.
  • What is their list-to-price ratio? This is the final sale price divided by the recent listing price. It is expressed as a percentage. If the stat is over 100%, it means the agent is selling homes for more than the listing price.
  • What is the agent’s average days on the market? You will want to ensure this statistic is under the average for Mississauga properties.

Finding the right partner in a real estate agent will help make one of the most important purchases in your lifetime a less stressful and educated one. Have an experienced REALTOR®working in your corner, exceeding all of your expectations and putting your needs and wants first.